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As we have the perfect Horse (Haflinger) for young and beginner rider, we offer since 1996 a Summer Camp for young Horse lover. In order to maximise the learning of horseback riding in a safe and professional environment, we limit 20-25 registrations per week.


Between Lakes and Mountains

In addition to the daily riding lessons given by a certified instructor, the young are in continuous contact with horses since they will help the grooms to feed and take care of the them. A trail ride in our paths and prairies, a carriage drive and Voltige is also offered during the week .

Each of the seven days passed at camp are filled with activities : treasure hunt, swimming in the private lake, , camp fires, games etc. Sunday morning, the kids demonstrate what they learned during the week to their parents.

Our camp is accredited by the by the Quebec ministery of tourism

Our rooms offer comfort and a family environment

Situated a few yards from the outskirts of Canton D'Orford (the Magog region) the Grison Camp assures you peace and great outdoors.

Having fun with horses and learning french... (note our staff is bilingual)

They Will Never Want To Go Home!

Sunday show

Every Sunday morning the campers can show their parents the skills they have acquired.

(Pricing to come...)

In addition to the daily riding lessons given by a certified instructor, the campers are in constant contact with the horses.

  • Grooming
  • Trail Ride
  • Vaulting
  • Carriage Ride
  • Clinics

Request your application form via: grison@grison.com
We also offer day camp: Ask info per e-mail at grison@grison.com


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